An economy that works for Nature

At My Drop in The Oceans we envision a world in which People and Money are in balance with Nature.

Dividends for Nature

Our mission is to promote the implementation of a Citizen's Dividend for Nature around the globe.

Redefining economic growth

A Citizen's Dividend for Nature represents a paradigm shift in how people value the natural world. It emphasizes our belief that the whole of humanity has both the right to benefit from natural resources and the responsibility to maintain or renew others' sustainable access to such resources. It embodies a world where a financial dividend is provided to individuals as recognition of their unique roles as custodians of the environment.

The Citizen's Dividend for Nature (CDN) holds the potential to catalyze unprecedented ecological stewardship by nudging our economy into one which empowers people to contribute actively to maintaining a healthy balance in our natural world. By incentivizing sustainable choices and collective investment into Natural Capital while fostering global collaboration, the CDN aligns humanity's interests with the preservation of our Earth's ecosystems.

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